Hand-to-hand fighting World Cup 2021 has ended

Today the Hand-to-hand fighting World Cup 2021, which was held for the first time in Russia, has ended. More than 300 athletes from 29 countries participated.

“The International Hand-to-Hand Fighting Federation has been developing this sport in Russia for 15 years, the sport that combines all the best techniques. Today, for the first time, in the we are holding the World Cup in the capital of Russia. The tournament brought together 29 countries. Sport is an ambassador of peace. And I am sure that this tournament will play a significant role in strengthening international ties,” – said Alexander Matovnikov, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the International Hand-to-Hand Fighting Federation, Hero of Russia.

The tournament program included the disciplines "fight" and "self-defense". The self-defense competition finished on the first day of the tournament. The "fight" lasted all three days. In just these three days, more than two hundred fights were held. The Russian team won the overall team competition. The second place was taken by the team of Uzbekistan, and the third - by Kazakhstan.

The President of the International Hand-to-Hand Fighting Federation Sergey Astakhov summed up the results of the tournament: “The International Hand-to-Hand Fighting Federation is a family that now unites 43 countries. We have already held 7 World Cups, and we are holding 8 in the heart of Russia - its capital - Moscow. I would like to express my gratitude to the Moscow City Sports Department and the Russian Ministry of Sports. Moscow is capable of hosting great tournaments! And I think that such championships will be held in Moscow on a regular basis and will become a good tradition. Go in for hand-to-hand fighting sport! Go in for any sport! See you at other arenas!"

For supporting the Hand-to-hand fighting World Cup 2021, we thank the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation, the Government of Moscow, the Department of Sports of the city of Moscow, ANO "Moskovskiy Sport", the International Hand-to-Hand Fighting Federation, the All-Russian Federation of Hand-to-Hand Fighting, and the Moscow Hand-to-Hand Fighting Federation. We also express our gratitude to the "Abrau-Durso" tourism center, the "Septima" line of disinfectants from the "Arnest" company, the federal agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States Rossotrudnichestvo, as well as the children's toy stores TOY.RU, the information partner "Radio Maximum" and the manufacturer of equipment for martial arts "Ray Sport".

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for those aged 12 and older